A review of stephen kings writing style in salems lot

Because of the weight, I chose the second of my two editions to read—the one published in the late nineties with a cover jacket design and collage by Thomas Holdorf and Peter Kruzan, and red lettering by Craig De Camp. After a deliberately hazy and meandering first half — one that lulls both reader and characters into a false sense of security — the second part of the novel barely breathes.

Even the milkman turns out to secretly hate milk. Of course, Part 3 was all action all the time, with the stakes as high as it can be. He makes everyone so damn real to me. At the time, nobody expected vampires in a posh, hardcover bestseller. Taking a subtle approach provides the strong contrast for the more overly scary and supernatural scenes that slowly start to infiltrate the story as the vampires infiltrate the town.

It has a nice view? Just as Halloween mocks the Enemy, so, too, does horror when probably exercised. It ramps up the pace, but Hooper still knows when to pull back, such as in the brilliantly tense scene where Mark and Susan head into the Marsten house.

Few outside communities would even be aware of what was happening miles from the edge of their borders. Thu Oct 25, Haunted by childhood memories of having explored the tortured Marsden mansion that overlooks the town, Ben Mears seeks to exorcise his own demons by immersing himself in the lore of the town and the home.

The only widely-read horror novelist with any claim to being a literary stylist was Thomas Tryonand he was the exception, not the rule. In other words, they embody the perfect anti-man. Vampires as traditionally understood, though, should be horrifying images of what the human person is not.

Stephen King ‘Salem’s Lot’ Review

If one can effectively separate what is slasher from what is horror, then horror becomes not merely a good genre, but a brilliant one. Even at twenty-seven, King was already a master of the written word and could tell a story that would keep you up at nights.

They can be ciphers for King himself in the novel. But I actually prefer to see it as what it is: Barlow has lived for hundreds of years, surviving by relocating around the world and assuming a new name.

That casting helps to place that contrast between the two newcomers: Before drifting away entirely, he found himself reflecting—not for the first time—on the peculiarity of adults. Instead, I have two very fine, readable editions for my bookshelf.

Writers finding themselves caught up in terrible circumstances. The man can produce incredibly complicated plots, and many of his characters are so well-sketched out as to seem real to me. The fact that it had a cancer that was eating away at it from the inside, slowly, was only a tension-driver.

But, as King demonstrates in these purple passages, he wanted to reach higher. King spends half the novel establishing the town, Ben, and his would-be gang of vampire hunters.

In part, he artistically avoided the foul language and gore so readily employed in his later fiction. Where Carrie paints emotion in one very broad red strokethere is far more subtlety here. Oh, the one where my 14 year old self of infinite wisdom and experience remembered a boring tale lacking truly epic blood and guts from what should be a vampire tale in a small town.

There are no levelled-up vamps or long antihero arcs or Master Vampire Hunters. It was all for the sake of pure survival.

It was where you went if you purposefully wanted to reject literature. Could there be a more awesome book in the entire world? It allows us to confront the horrors of this world in symbolic terms, thus giving us distance and, paradoxically, objectivity.

They look great and are certainly much better than the original designs. Doubleday published all six of their Stephen King novels with matching jackets by these men.

King likes writing writers. We expect to love and lose our loved ones, and this is the true horror.My view of Mr. King’s writing, however, changed dramatically the first time I finally read Salem’s Lot.

The writing style was, to my surprise, not just good, but excellent. In part, he artistically avoided the foul language and gore so readily employed in his later fiction. Written shortly after King moved to Maine (the bulk of the story was actually written before Carrie), it follows the writer Ben Mears as he moves back to the small town of Jerusalem's Lot (known locally as Salem's Lot, a fictional small town in Maine).

Stephen King Booklist Stephen King Message Board. Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Salem's Lot; Salem's Lot describes the destruction of a small New England town by Barlow, Vampire King.

Barlow's only opponents are Ben Mears, a local writer, Mark Petrie, a teenage boy, and four of their friends. Writing Style Accounts of torture. Salem’s Lot is the first and only Stephen King novel I’ve ever read.

To be honest, this is a short review because I didn’t finish it. The problem wasn’t that King wasn’t a compelling writer who has obviously honed his craft.4/5. Sep 08,  · Book Review #70 - Salem's Lot by Stephen King Becky M.

Loading Unsubscribe from Becky M? Cancel Unsubscribe. with his writing - Duration: PBS NewsHour 28, views. With 'Salem's Lot he takes his inspiration from Bram Stoker's vampire classic, Dracula, and manages to make his take on a vampire tale feel fresh and contemporary without sacrificing the eeriness or darkness of the familiar .

A review of stephen kings writing style in salems lot
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