An analysis of the novel our man in havana by graham greene

I enjoyed the nonsense of it, the satire, and the underlying social commentary. Wormold is unable to say no to his beautiful but wilful daughter, Milly, and her extravagances are driving him to bankruptcy. He is surrounded by other characters described in high relief, his manipulative Catholic daughter Millie, a political gangster Segura, and his closest friend who is also an isolated enigma, the World War I veteran, Dr.

Life for Wormold was beginning to take on a surreal aspect, "Somebody always leaves a banana-skin on the scene of tragedy.

His new secretary is Beatrice, a well trained and serious secretary. However this one perhaps had more resonance at the time. Fabrication Fabrication of information is a perennial problem for intelligence agencies.

Our Man in Havana

Hasselbacher, who loudly warns him of the threat. When Wormold finally faces his bosses at the Secret Service he is shocked to learn that they are not punishing him, they are in fact giving him a position as a trainer and awarding him the Order of the British Empire. MelissaLenhardt Mar 11, This book reminds me of Scoop, how the protagonist stumbled into a profession and clumsily ended up doing well.

It begins well with the absurd recruitment of James Wormold, vacuum cleaner salesman, into the British Secret Service. There was always another side to a joke, the side of the victim.

Meanwhile, London passes on the information that an unspecified enemy, implied to be a Soviet contact, intends to poison Wormold at a trade association luncheon, where he is the speaker.

I found this book very entertaining and quite humorous. Not a vacuum cleaner.

The 20 best spy novels of all time

There is little description; the language is simple and direct to the point of being spare. Angry at his failure to kill Wormold, Carter kills Dr. Seated with Carter, MacDougall, Dr. But he does not let this stop him from writing reports.

Back in England he is mildly reprimanded but given a position with the British Secret Service and awarded the Order of the British Empire. Keeping in mind that it was published init is often seen as predictive of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Hasselbacher, about his spy work, hiding the truth from Milly. When the bumbling Wormold, desperate for money to indulge his spendthrift daughter, is approached by Hawthorne, he is at first disbelieving. At one point, he decides to make his reports "exciting" by sending to London sketches of what he describes as a secret military installation in the mountains, actually vacuum cleaner parts scaled to a large size.

In it he pokes fun at the intelligence services, especially the British MI6. But, even though this is not a very long book, the story line and the humor wore thin after a while. He then begins to recruit imaginary agents and collect their salaries. To avenge the murder of Dr. Wormold continues to dinner where he manages to refuse the meal that is offered and eats another one.

When an odd stranger confronts him in the restroom of a bar and recruits him to be a spy for the British Secret Service, Wormold sees an opportunity to provide for his daughter.

As his reports become more exciting, London becomes very interested. He and his imaginary network of twenty-seven fictional sub-agents tricked the Germans into keeping their forces away from the crucial battlefront in Normandy by making up a story that the main invasion was to be in the Pas de Calais.

When they decide to eliminate him he invents a convoluted plot to try and save himself and his daughter. To his surprise she understands and even falls in love with him.

Our Man in Havana by Graham Greene: An In-Depth Character Analysis of Jim Wormold - Essay Example

Eventually, Segura, who is a much better player, ends up drunk and falls asleep. Running a small vacuum cleaner business in Havana with an assistant named Lopez, the British Secret Service has completely misjudged who he is.Our Man in Havana Summary & Study Guide Graham Greene This Study Guide consists of approximately 43 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Our Man in Havana.

My first Graham Greene, I'm ashamed to admit. I chose "Our Man in Havana" over other Greene novels because the narration (by Jeremy Northam) was highly rated, and for good reason. The narration and production was just my cuppa tea - completely engrossing story-telling with little snatches of Cuban music between scenes.

Analysis - Overview Greene uses satire between characters dialogues and actions to portray his bias opinion on the MI-6 Secret service "Our Man in Havana" - Graham Greene Has 25 novels written intotal "Our Man In Havana" is acclaimed to be his best work Was recruited to MI First published inOur Man in Havana is an espionage thriller, a penetrating character study, and a political satire that still resonates today.

Conceived as one of Graham Greene?s?entertainments,?

Our Man in Havana: Book Review

it tells of MI6?s man in Havana, Wormold, a former vacuum-cleaner salesman turned reluctant secret agent out of economic necessity/5(89). Our Man In Havana () is a novel set in Cuba by the British author Graham Greene. He makes fun of intelligence services, especially the British MI6, and their willingness to believe reports from their local mi-centre.comher: Heinemann.

Buy a cheap copy of Our Man in Havana book by Graham Greene. Graham Greene's classic Cuban spy story, now with a new package and a new introduction First published inOur Man in Havana is an espionage thriller, a Free shipping over $/5(6).

An analysis of the novel our man in havana by graham greene
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