Australia the land down under our

10 Interesting Facts about Australia: The Land Down Under

Some of the features that set VT ahead of the others is the lavish use of photography, far less commercialism, a broad base of knowledgeable and experienced travelers, a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, consistent and fair moderation, etc.

Obviously, they were the ones to make those decisions. Benny, from what I am hearing, even those older posts on area specific boards will eventually be restored, early February being the target date.

Virtual Tourist see page 5 At this point, only Kevin May of Tnooz has seen all the e-mails that were exchanged regarding the problems discovered on the TT forum.

Tim Davie by a well known writer living on Bali who was preparing an article for the New York Times Sunday travel section. What a nice compliment Kate! Obviously young and inexperienced, it is true that when LP initially turned the forum back on, his forum profile did indeed read: Quite a high position.

SEA is also currently absent, and Australia the land down under our, so is India. The question is of course rhetorical. There are some of us still lingering about, and without thinking, will continue to open a door for a lady.

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Whether he wants to pursue a follow article to this one linked below is yet to be seen: Most of the YC previously the Your Choice Board regulars who assured the ultimate demise of the reputation of both the BBC and Lonely Planet have migrated to this forum URL below where they all seem content and happy with their new home: Fri January 18, Hopefully once fully restored and with the common sense revisions made to it, the TT forum will rejoin those pre-eminent travel forums, like VT.

Tue January 8, Reason For Thorn Tree Shutdown? In the link in my previous post The travel writer lives in Bali At worst she regularly engages in out right lies and at best, deliberate distortions of the truth.

Australia ~ Our Studies of the Land Down Under

I really enjoyed having a read of your work here and on your blog. Could it be that one of the most trusted names in journalism, the BBC, has abdicated its responsibility as a venue of truth and accuracy?

Sun January 20, One could easily speculate about the reason for this, and IMHO one reasonable speculation is that the areas currently still absent are those where the sex trade, including under age sex trade, is more prevalent. Keep up your good work! But one thing remain certain…that being, the lessons learned.

Time will tell, as it always does.

Australia A Land Down Under

Troonz Reply 49 Today Wed 23 Jan at Benny, I think it will only be a matter of little time before all the country specific destinations will be restored to TT. This past July, the BBC downgraded the value of LP to 85 million pounds, or about 45 million pounds less than its total acquisition cost.

The article for the NY Times Sunday travel section evolved from specific research being done by a small group of consultants for the Indonesian Travel Ministry. One can only wonder what reaction to that faux pas would have been forthcoming from BBC executives like Philip Fleming, or acting chairman, Tim Davie if they were aware.

Interesting Information Well there is a piece of interesting fact in that last post. The most successful forums, be they travel related or otherwise, are not operated as democracies. It seems to me that TT Lonely Planet is doing a pretty good job of restoring its travel forum, albeit an agonizingly slow process.

You can find most of what you might want to know concerning the reasons for closing the TT forum on this other forum, starting with page 5: Some of this is discussed in the VT link provided above.

Whether or not any of the former activities and off travel topic branches return is yet to be seen, but the infamous YC branch Your Choice is gone for good.

So Zabba, the "Community Manager" is Mr. I suspect that virtually every single archived post covering those countries currently absent from TT are being thoroughly scrutinized…and for good reason IMHO. Obviously it remains to be seen if this latest fiasco results in any further devaluation of Lonely Planet.

I agree with you that the BBC and LP did not go about resolving their issues in the best possible manner. Is this retribution for my role in what happened to TT, or does Lonely Planet really not care about the accuracy of the information posted on its forums?

If you prefer to associate yourself and believe borderline sociopaths like her, be my guest.Australia A Land Down Under Pages. HOME; ABOUT AUSTRALIA; Bank Accounts; ABOUT AUSTRALIA. Australia is the world's smallest continent and largest island.

In the Red Centre is Ayers Rock - Uluru, the world's largest monolith. Australian National Anthem Our National Anthem is Advance Australia Fair Map of Australia. States and. We took two weeks to study the continent of Australia ~ and since I’m already behind in my geography posting, this post will have both weeks of our lesson.

Australia: The Land Down Under Our International Travel Plan Our International trip was to Sydney, Australia, with four fun filled days of adventures ahead of us. Australia A Land Down Under Pages.

HOME; ABOUT AUSTRALIA; Bank Accounts; in the shade and the wind was so hot it burnt our legs. You could hear it howling and there was a noise in the distance - a thunderous, rumbling noise - it sounded like huge jets, only there were no jets.

I have never heard winds like that before, and I hoped to. The term Down Under is a colloquialism which is variously construed to refer to Australia and New Zealand. The term comes from the fact that these countries are in the Southern Hemisphere, "below" many other countries, especially Western countries, on a globe oriented with the north towards to top.

Are you ready? Come on, let's go walk-about through this amazingly beautiful and ancient country, The Land Down Under - Australia. It’s known throughout the world for its unique wildlife and diverse landscapes. Australia is a remote and rugged land. It’s timeless, unspoiled; it’s majestic and massive in scale.

Australia the land down under our
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