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But also when you look at some recent research, 38 percent of millennials were against the kneeling of the NFL. WMT learn from their example? Last Friday, founder Richard Liu was arrested in Minnesota on charges of sexual misconduct. WMTthe most popular store in the United States, and will have generally undesirable effects across the economy.

NKE starts wading into politics? Do you see any softening in that? United Continental is recalling nearly airline pilots who have been grounded for the last three years. Nice to be with you, Susie. Phil LeBeau has the details. And you get replay and free popcorn. Attendance is down and SeaWorld is blaming part of that on the weather.

Transcript: Nightly Business Report – September 4, 2018

WMT can afford to do this, it makes a ton of money. The protesters say few workers are truly given full-time hours, making supporting a family difficult. So, you — I would have to imagine that they, you know, research this, did some critical research on what the impact might be, probably expected a stock market reaction.

He was released the next day and has since returned to China though Minnesota police say that the investigation is still active. NKE in terms of its standing in the marketplace. NKE has done that campaign. Liu was arrested on suspicion of rape.

Why do you think we have considerably higher to go? They want to come back and ride that great ride, like timber mountain log ride, but they need something new. Sales for nearly every one of them was sizzling hot. Stocks held gains for the third straight day, but the yields on the year Treasury zeroes in on 3 percent.

The race is on to find a real treatment for the disease. Here to explore that is Dean Crutchfield. One of the big sticking points in the talks, protections that Canada provides to its dairy farmers.

In addition, Coupa said that it landed a deal with a workforce management firm to expand its report"or tuesday, augu i'm susie ghib goodnight everne. and good nig to you paul. >>aul: goodnight susie. i'm paul kangas wishing all of you the besof good buys.

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can't resist. so that longer term is what we think is the winning strategy. >> reporter: greenberger says most american women already have a full closet of clothes and that they need to be inspired before parting with their money.

scott gurvey, "nightly business report", new york. >> paul: now, let's take a look at some stocks in the news tonight. Tonight on Nightly Business Report, why Nike decided to feature a controversial athlete in its new ad campaign.

Plus, Wall Street's first outlook for is here and investors might be pleased. “Nightly Business Report produced by CNBC” (NBR) is an award-winning and highly-respected nightly business news program that airs on public television. Dean Barbara Kahn Shares Insight on Product Packaging on Nightly Business Report.

A segment on PBS’s national business news program focused on research by Barbara Kahn, dean of the School of Business, which found that where the image on a product is placed on its package influences how heavy or light the product is perceived to be by.

Associate Dean, Marketing and Business Development Barbara Gyde and Teresa Regan of Wharton School Publishing also contributed greatly to the project.

What You Can Learn from the Top Nightly Business Report Lasting Leadership. Nightly Business Report.

Barbara nightly business report dean
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