Best paper for fountain pen writing

More specifically the round-tipped, extra-fine, stainless steel nibs we have available as spare parts. Under Pressure Our pressure test compares the nibs under three different writing pressures. The extreme pressure level tells us how the nib performs under exaggerated pressure, such as the forces applied whilst inscribing your most flamboyant signature, with a maximum of around grams.

They give your handwriting a certain lightness, creating a clear and uncluttered appearance on the page.

Technical Details

The clockwise and anticlockwise strokes are often used when repairing nibs to test for any scratchiness or variation in flow.

You can expect to be writing lines between 0. The Lamy and the Kaweco both showed a lot more flex than the Faber-Castell. After all, the most important thing about a pen is how it writes.

This helps to show you how the well the feed supplies ink to the nib and whether additional pressure is needed to encourage ink to flow. That is the question. With a bit of luck, what now follows is a useful nib test, complete with robotic consistency to allow for accurate comparisons and… without wanting to put too fine a point on it unavoidable puna comprehensive review, full and rich enough in detail to help you choose a nib with confidence.

Each robot test is exactly the same, so the only thing creating a difference in results is the nib. Click the image to zoom in. Drag the sliders below to compare the looks achieved by the different nibs. The Lamy showed a width variation of 0.

Medium pressure tests the nib under standard writing pressure, which our initial testing has shown us to be somewhere around 50 to 70g grams. The three nibs being tested are round-tipped, stainless-steel nibs, so you can expect durability and consistent line widths. So how thick exactly is an extra fine nib?

We begin with minimal downward pressure, where the maximum weight on the nib is that of the pen itself, much of which will actually be supported by the writer, leaving approximately 5 to 10 grams of weight on the nib.

Extra fine nibs Extra fine nibs are the nib of choice for those of you with small handwriting, allowing for small lettering without your counter shapes the white spaces inside your letters joining up.Explore hundreds of colorful bottled inks designed to work safely in fountain pens.

Fine or Extra Fine? That is the question. We’re frequently asked about the various nib widths of our fountain pens and we fully understand your curiosity. After all, the most important thing about a pen is how it writes.

Writing Instrument Refills

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Extra Fine fountain pen nibs – Writing robot & handwriting comparison

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Best paper for fountain pen writing
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