Essay on should women be given 33 reservation in parliament

Later on, the demand for reservation of seats in the upper house of parliament for women was getting louder. The women engaged in unorganized sectors must be covered under special insurance scheme.

Nowhera Shaik told that party has demanded through memorandum that child labor must be stopped and the government must provide educational facilities to child laborer. It may hurt the self-respect of women who have come up on their own ability, and may result in lesser respect for women in the society.

In most parties, the women members are by and large thin on the ground if not invisible in the actual decision-making bodies and rarely influence the more significant party policies.

The great experience of reserving seats for women in panchayats over the last 15 years illustrates the importance of having more women in governing positions. Where do we need to work more?

On the other hand women dub it as a clever ploy to keep them out of the decision-making process. Yes, this is what the factors show and we can also see in India. Instead of providing any solution to this deep — rooted problem reservation for women may give rise to social, political as well as psychological tensions.

Comprehensive Essay on Woman’s Reservation

This would mean that in a State where there are 40 Lok Sabha seats, the party would have to nominate at least 13 women candidates, and in the state assembly elections, it would have to nominate one-third women candidates at the district level.

That is why women elected under quota will have to move constantly whereas men can have two continuous terms. Every nation has a sordid story of women discrimination behind it. Ask a question to your heart. And then a farce rather than a tragedy is played out by so-called radical politicians, jumping int6 the well of the House, tearing Copies of the Bill and making impossible for proceedings to continue-the House gets adjourned, the Bill is thrown into the dustbin till it is revived in subsequent years with the same result.

A woman when comes to her utmost strength can break away all barriers and become a DURGA to break the shackles of agony, pain and misery.

A woman can be a savior. The different parties have divergent views over the issue. Yes, this is very true. I mean do we need to say that we need a place equal to men. The political opinion behind providing such reservations to women is to create a level playing field for all of its citizens.

On September 12, a bill was introduced in parliament by Deve Gowda Government. A privileged MP will be seen to have been elected from a single-member constituency and will represent it independently while those elected from double- member constituencies will have to share it with a male member.

Essay on Reservation for Women: Why or Why not?

It is just the beginning of women emancipation. The process of passing the Bill itself started on a stormy way. Now, the subject of debates and meetings, almost in every level of the society is something around the women- women security, women education, women empowerment, and the most talked- women reservation.

They are still subject to patriarchal and anti-female political culture and tradition.

Article on Women Reservation in Parliament

A girl child is terminated sin many cases at the very initial stage through abortion. The growing incidents of harassing behaviours with women workers in the workplace are very shameful for a country like India.

The government has to evolve a long term policy consisting of free or subsidized education to the village girls, opening of all levels of schools within a reasonable distance and a compulsory fine to the teachers and parents in showing any complacence into eh education of their students and wards.

God never sent us for this. The message going out will be that women are capable of managing seats on their own and will end up being treated as little more than addons.

Unfortunately, after being passed by the Rajya Sabha, this bill could not yet be voted in the Lok Sabha. Now a question arises that who needs the special aid.

Women choosing to contest from the general category can have two terms many live male candidates. You will be thinking for some moments.Reservation for women both in government jobs and democratic institutions – would amount to a positive discrimination. But it might foster a sense of inferiority complex among the women that they have been, as if were, provided with crutches to walk on, to struggle in the demanding world.

WOMEN RESERVATION BILLS PASSING OF PARLIAMENT OF INDIA Women's Reservation Bill or The Constitution (th Amendment) Bill, is a pending bill in India which proposes to reserve thirty three per cent of all seats in the Lok Sabha, the Lower House of Parliament of India, and state legislative assemblies.

New Delhi: National President of All India Mahila Empowerment Party (AIMEP) Dr. Nowhera Shaik met with the President of India Shri ram Nath Kovind and submitted a memorandum on behalf of the party wherein she has demanded that Women Reservation Bill should be tabled in both houses of parliament the women must be given 33%.

For the women who have made history without portfolios and reserved seats, where women would be the contestants would expose better, the politics of ‘by women, of women, for women’.

It is to be realised by the Indian politicians that they can no longer ignore the justified demand of reservation for the women in Parliament and State. On 9 March the Central Government has brought a Bill in the Rajya Sabha to amend the Constitution to reserve 1/3rd of seats in Parliament and State Legislatures for women.

Though the bill was passed in Rajya Sabha on. The Bill giving 33% reservation to women will empower not only women but change the social structure of India in many ways.

This Bill is unprecedented and is softly a revolution in the making.

Importance of Reservation of Seats for Women in Parliament | India

We must welcome this as an Act.

Essay on should women be given 33 reservation in parliament
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