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By visiting the major issues raised by the book, the authors interpretation of the letters and the type of history being written, I will show how the Pastons letters enable us, the reader, to view their world from the inside thereby providing pertinent information about this changing age in history.

The Pastons also realized that if they were to be successful they needed to have influence from patrons. But, with the death of Fastolf, John Paston would although inherit much property, he would more importantly lose a patron that would see his inheritance protected.

The Pastons had no option but to leave and sadly, the only defence that John Paston had against Molynes was an indictment. The Pastons and Their England overall was a very good example of how history can be explained ion a manor other than a textbook.

Feudalism Essay

This accusation was thrown out of court due to the fact that Lord Molynes had more personal influence in Court. All these things helped the Pastons to succeed in the fifteenth century.

At this time in England they were without a clear monarch and so law and order thus began to break down. In this way Bennett puts the Pastons in the correct context of their time. Our single page application website ensures a supreme speed of all your operations.

A patron such as this would be a great aid and safeguard then trying to go it alone in the fifteenth century. The feeling of struggle is felt throughout the book. At this time, rather than being an institution of love, marriage was primarily something entered into for reasons of social and material interest.

Let us know if you need any revisions and we will do it for you. The Pastons unknowingly wrote history that was very diverse, as their letters cover most main topics of this era.

The letters provide us with a uniquely candid and detailed insight into the life of this particular family, who being a member of the landed gentry were not aristocrats.

Feudalism was declining and because of this two new classes of people emerged: With feudalism declining we see the loss of the very cut and dry pattern of wealth. For example, Sir John Paston, son of Margaret and John Paston, was betrothed to Anne Haute and because she was a kinswoman of Elizabeth Woodville, the consort of Edward IV, this betrothal gave the Pastons a new tie with the court, which was necessary to them as they tried to safeguard the inheritance they had received from Sir John Fastolf.

This is important because usually aristocratic families had much more power that is power in the force of men. This affected the system of civil and criminal law in England as there was no ultimate authority to enforce this. Enter necessary information into the order form Provide payment details 2 Submit payment details Choose the most convenient payment method among more than ten available options.

Furthermore, the Pastons give us an interesting insight into the ordinary lives of the emerging middle class. Anyone could now have money and everyone who had money spent it. With the decline of the feudal system and the absence of a firm government came a wave of ambitious and deceitful men, who, not quite unlike the Pastons, were struggling to rise into the gentry class and establish their position in the country.

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