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Hotel Balto recently did his grooming and he looks like a new doggy. Molly loves to chase squirrels and to cuddle in her little bed. Thank you for the work J essaye de trouver do to help save dogs in need. Since she has been with us she has improved even further!

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I recommend the services that Hotel Balto provides and the Balto Adoptions service as well. She had to learn what it meant to be a dog, to go outside, to play, to eat healthy food and to receive affection. Il adore les balades en voiture.

We are one big happy family! One of our daughters has a bulldog named Gus and Molly and Gus are the best of friends.

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She was sick with pneumonia, was very weak and afraid of everything and everyone. Thank you Balto Adoptions for bringing her into our lives! I also was recently retired and recovering from some health issues as well.

They say great things come in small packages and this is very true with Gigi. Our children had all grown and left the house and we were alone and feeling like there was something missing from our lives.

My mom and I enjoy taking him on car rides when we go out; he is very good in the car. He gave us hope and happiness and a reason to get up every morning. My wife had been undergoing cancer treatment and was in remission. In turn we have showered him with love and affection.

I bring her to work with me and everyone adores her! She adores treats and to go for long walks by the water near our home. She was rescued from what we think was a puppy mill and she had many health and emotional issues. We loved her sweet little face! I think the work you are doing is really important and thank you for the wonderful work you are doing in saving these dogs.

Juliette and Monster have J essaye de trouver the best of friends and are a source of unending amusement for my wife and I, not to mention our grandchildren. We decided to give Monster a home after hearing how he was rescued from a dog pound and saved from being euthanized.

He is very comfortable being with everyone in the family and loves rolling over to get his belly rubbed. We have discovered that he is an amazing jumper. She is a loving and funny little dog who has brought a lot of joy to my life and I cannot imagine ever being without her!!

She stayed with the staff of Hotel Balto for many months while they worked hard to help her get healthy and to trust that noone was going to hurt her anymore.

We are a retired couple and she has given us some purpose and we love caring for her. She is now able to play with other dogs and trust other people.

We fell in love with his photo and then when we first saw him in person for sure it was love at first sight. She is now potty trained, has gained weight, and has brought us so much happiness!! He sits on his blanket next to my mom and just puts his head on her lap.

Monster loves to play and we noticed he loved other dogs so when we heard about Juliette she is like his female twin we knew she was going to be the next addition to our family. He loves to chew on his raw hides and enjoys making his toys squeak while he plays with them.

I am considering bringing him to obedience classes and possibly following up with agility classes. We just adore her! Molly has made our lives so much better, we love spending time with her and adopting her was the best decision we could have made. She is now in great health, loves to run around and is very very affectionate.

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Dobble spécial Harry Potter. Règles du dobble. La décoration de la classe. J’aime décorer ma classe. J’aime encore plus décorer ma classe quand il y a un thème! Le refuge Balto continue d?accueillir de nouveaux chiens régulièrement.

Au fil des années, beaucoup de chiens ont trouvé des familles parfaites et .

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