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Kind of like Rolemaster basic or something. A great resource for all those games is the Starship Combat News.

I might use it as an introduction to RPGs sometime. OneMonk miniatures has tons of different styles of paper minis available for a fee, as well as some for free. The big non-collective card game of late. Lots of neat ideas here: It has a very long real-world history, and has built up a tremendous amount of depth over the years.

I had the original version from Dragon Magazine but lost it; the new, high-quality version is quite nice. Want to hang out with a bunch of like-minded worldbuilders? The script was about Daniel Hoffstetter, a government scientist, who awakes after dying to discover his mind has been imprinted on a mind-wiped body.

There have been many gamebook series: What to do instead? I hope they do the SF minis soon! A silly, fast card game where you try to build a city while inflicting catastrophes on the other players, including the wandering mendicant Groo.

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We were mostly impressed by the critical charts, which are still hilarious. Campaign Law, their notes for creating a campaign world, is still one of the best worldbuilding manuals out there.

I really dislike most of the mechanics in this book -- Cyberpunk the game, not the GURPS supplement does it much better. The Underdogs site also has a pretty extensive page about gamebooks.

Both are pretty detailed, very flavorful and completely free to download.

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I always thought budo was just too hard to get though, considering how central it is to the game. A pure SF wargame.


The Lone Wolf series is another one I know very little about, but almost the entire series is available for free online. Read on in the next section Pretty good, though the magic system was a bit silly. Drew and I both felt that the pendulum had swung a little too far in that direction.

The Fordham Internet Medieval Sourcebook has all kinds of real-world information, including a list of medieval prices and a complete history of early medieval England. There are some jaw-dropping galleries there and other great resources.

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The history is also full of interesting little nuggets. You stop play when someone gets to 50 points and you can adjust this for a longer or shorter game. Forced for months to rely on family members, friends and sometimes total strangers to get around — the experience was almost too much for the staunchly, self-reliant singer, who found it to be both excruciatingly painful and humiliating at times.

Many concepts from this game were completely novel and deserved to be copied. The first time you pull out the Legos, players will want to spend a half-hour choosing just the right head, torso and legs, not to mention the right sword or radio. There are also some good pseudo-RPGs out there that combine elements of board games with roleplaying elements.

The music is spot on, the way alchemy and knowledge of saints is handled is superb, the encounters and social modeling are excellent, the interface is great, the game system is quite nice It has some very interesting innovations, such as the range system one of the best attempts at abstract combat ranges and the favors system.

And if you think about it, a wiki makes a great way for people to expand the adventure themselves Each player tries to build their kingdom, control valuable resources and build armies to fight off invasions from other players.Bishop T.D.

Jakes. Bishop T. D. Jakes is a charismatic leader, visionary, provocative thinker, and entrepreneur who serves as Senior Pastor of The Potter’s House, a global humanitarian organization and 30,member church located in Dallas.

I've been interested in science since a young age, and in gaming since I first played D&D (the box with a red dragon on it) in junior high. I occasionally dream of going back to school for an astrophysics degree or becoming a professional RPG writer.

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Joss whedon screenwriting advice meaning
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