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Before PR I was a tech journalist for 13 years and, to be honest, it still sometimes feels strange not turning up to an editorial office every day.

In all honesty, this is the one part of the PR industry I have always struggled to adjust to. Journalism Both Public Relations and Journalism have been important career fields for many years.

The real difference between working in PR and journalism

They have to be a part of the process both before, during, and after the journalist has completed the story. I know that journalists and public relations professionals are frequently at odds and frustrated with each other, but the truth is, we need each other.

Secondly, you need to learn a lot more about budgeting and project management.

The growing pay gap between journalism and public relations

That was a year ago. While journalism is still a viable profession for many, I would say that paid journalism is on its way out. Obviously, both mentioned types of mass communications have different strategies in the communication process.

The rush is best explained by comparing it to a roller coaster—the steady ascent as you go through editorial meetings and collect your sources, and then a midday freefall as you struggle to make your interviews and execute your story before your print or on-air hit time.

There are other changes that I was less prepared for. So, what do you think? Lines blur for me on a daily basis when it comes to decisions regarding story angles and writing style. When a company or an organization has a huge disaster like bankruptcy, public relations is involved to help and inform the organization and its community about the crisis.

Deadlines Journalists have daily, sometimes hourly, deadlines that they meet each day.

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In journalism, they communicate with people to inform them. I have seen the reaction in the newsroom over an ill-timed pitch firsthand.

However, there is one significant difference between the two: It is clear that the news story informs people about what is going on in that area.

Undoubtedly, public relations helps the organization to communicate with the public and its audience, the government, the news media, and its employees.Public Relations.

The real difference between working in PR and journalism. June 18, Concannon 1 Comment. One of the most interesting differences between journalism and PR is the attitude to creativity. All PR agencies strive for creativity, they hold brainstorms and run training sessions and hire consultants to help their teams be.

Public Relations vs. Journalism

One field outpacing journalism both in sheer numbers and in salary growth is public relations. The salary gap between public relations specialists and news reporters has widened over the past decade – to almost $20, a year, according to U.S.

Five W’s, Five Differences Between Journalism And PR

Bureau of Labor Statistics data analyzed by the Pew Research Center. Journalists and public relations professionals need to possess the ability to communicate clearly, concisely, and honestly. You must understand the pressures of daily deadlines and be extremely aware of the cause and effect of making public statements.

Jan 31,  · Public Relations vs. Journalism Both Public Relations and Journalism have been important career fields for many years. With the advance of the computer age in the last couple decades, the bold lines that used to delineate PR from Journalism have become thinner.

Five W’s, Five Differences Between Journalism And PR For as long as I can remember, or to be fair, ever since I officially realized I should give up my dream of making it to the NBA (all 5’10” of me), I knew one thing: I want to make my living from thinking and writing.

By Jacqueline Rogers, Communications Committee. The other night during dinner, I mentioned to my engineering friend that I officially decided to change my major from public relations to journalism within the College of Communications.

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Journalism vs public relations
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