Phd thesis on self excited induction generator

Selection of SEIG in these areas depends on its advantages such as low cost, less maintenance, and absence of DC excitation. The limit set of an equilibrium point is simply the equilibrium point itself. The following steady-state behaviour is described from both continuous-time and discrete-time dynamic system points of view.

Thus, the limit set of a degree 2 quasi-period solution is torus shaped. The research work on SEIG system is extended to develop a voltage controller for SEIG with minimum number of sensors to make the system less complex and cost effective.

Development of Voltage Controller and Fault Analysis of Self Excited Induction Generator System

If however, the disturbance converges to another steady-state, the limit cycle is said to be unstable. The limit sets of chaotic motion are not simple points, circles or tori, they are complicated strange attractors.

Moving from the simplest to the most complex these are: Further, Particle Swarm Optimization PSO technique is used to compute the optimal values of proportional and integral gains within the stable zone.

If the disturbance approaches the original limit cycle, the orbit is said to be stable. Renewable energy; Self-excited induction generator; Generalized impedance controller; Particle swarm optimization technique; Voltage peak computation; Fault detection; Feature extraction and classification methods.

It is generally agreed that chaotic behaviour is not an equilibrium point, not periodic and not quasi-periodic. Various efforts have been put by researchers in developing SEIG voltage and frequency controller but these control schemes demand multiple sensors along with complex electronic circuits.

The number of fundamental frequencies is called the degree of quasi-periodicity. The work of this thesis is not confined only to study an optimal and simple voltage controller for SEIG system but also extended to investigate the fault identification methodologies of SEIG system. Although the trajectory does not pass through every point on the torus surface, it repeatedly comes arbitrarily close to every point on the torus.

By controlling active and reactive power accurately, it is possible to regulate frequency and voltage of SEIG terminal during load and speed perturbations. The trajectory winds around on the torus surface endlessly, never intersecting or quite closing on itself.

Among these available energy resources, the use of wind energy is growing rapidly to generate and supply electricity as grid connected or stand alone mode.

It is however a bounded steady-state behaviour [69]. In this study, it is observed that LS-SVM among above classifiers provides higher classification accuracy of To generate electric power from such non-conventional sources, self-excited induction generator SEIG is found to be a suitable option for either using in grid connected mode or isolated mode.

The chaotic orbit is so sensitive to initial conditions that the outcome after time t is totally unpredictable despite the fact that the system itself could be completely described by very simple mathematical equations with no external influences.

High maintenance and installation costs including transmission losses of conventional power supply to remote or isolated place by means of power grid can be reduced by installing stand-alone wind driven SEIG system at those places.

A degree 2 quasi-periodic trajectory lies on a torus in the phase space. However, it is sometimes difficult to find an explicit formula for such a map.

Thesis PhD Uncontrolled Keywords: A fixed point is sometimes called an equilibrium, rest or stationary point. If the neighbourhood of a periodic solution has no other periodic solution, this closed curve in the phase plane is called a limit cycle.

In the year ofself-excitation concept in squirrel cage induction machine with capacitors at their stator terminals was introduced by Basset and Potter.University of Bradford eThesis This thesis is hosted in Bradford Scholars – The University of Bradford Open Access repository.

Visit the repository for full metadata or to contact the repository team. PhD Theses. Title of the Thesis Year Student Supervisor; Ammonia Borane as Hydrogen Storage Material: Voltage control strategies for standalone self-excited induction generator: Jayaramaiah GV: B.

G. Fernandes: Benchmarking and energy efficiency of glass furnaces: Development of Voltage Controller and Fault Analysis of Self Excited Induction Generator System A thesis submitted to National Institute of Technology Rourkela.

Modelling and analysis for capacitor requirement of self-excited induction generator Intelligent voltage and frequency controllers for renewable energy systems 3.

Self-excited Induction Generator.

Self-excited Induction Generator - Newcastle University eTheses

– A Study Based on Nonlinear Dynamic Methods. Dandan Ma. A thesis submitted for the d. Khurshid Hafiz, “Study of Self Excited Induction Generators with Aluminum and Copper Rotors Taking Skin Effect into Account”, Hossein Tashakori, “Synchronous Generator Transient Behavior and Protection Under Loss of Excitation Fault”,

Phd thesis on self excited induction generator
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