The cruelties of childhood in cats eye by margaret atwood

Cordelia is a "secret sharer. Some of these views are expressed only half-seriously; Mr. He is a prodigy, and as a child, he develops an interest in physics and astronomy. Girl culture is a prominent theme in this novel, emphasised by the persistent presence of certain ideas, for example, the culture of fashion scrapbooks, makeup, of dating etiquette, relationships with brothers, and of knowing your place in the hierarchy of female friendship.

Past and present are thus closely interwoven, and the entire novel is told in the present tense, which has the effect of emphasizing that the past remains very much alive with Risley.

Cat's Eye Summary

She comes to see the crucial difference within Mrs. This is clearly the bridge where little Risley, freezing in the snow in the ravine, saw a vision of the Virgin and was saved by her.

Behind the Virgin, the sun a masculine symbol has set, and the moon, symbol of the feminine, is rising. Why, for instance, do we shave our legs? In her painting, Risley, who knows nothing of mathematics, recasts this theory in terms of a visual image of the Virgin as a unified field of compassion, a feminine deity who is the font of all things and a divine help in time of need.

As a child, Risley first encounters the visual representation of the Virgin, and the Virgin enters her imagination and plays a role in her tormented childhood, her development as an artist, and her later search for release from haunting memories.

She is more delicate than Risley, who regards Carol as a sissy. She confirms what this retrospective has been moving toward all along—the recognition that her art has rescued her from the spiritual death of a lifetime wasted in anger and resentment.

But most of the time Risley has no idea of what she has done wrong. Try as you might you cannot forget her. When the Smeaths invite Elaine to join them for the first of what eventually seems an endless series of Sundays, Atwood describes the interior of the church through the eyes of the young Elaine who might as well be a creature from Mars.

Having completed this retrospective of her life and given birth to herself, Elaine can acknowledge the separateness of her "daughters"—both the girl she was and Cordelia as her "other. Cordelia, it appears, is experiencing her own crisis and has trouble applying herself to her studies and begins to act out.

Her last exchanges with Cordelia in high school are bleak when Elaine sees Cordelia is depressed and her behavior has prevented her from graduating on schedule.

Through the move to Toronto, a backwater of civilization in the s, but still civilization, Elaine as a child is suddenly forced to confront "femininity.

Hence her mental restlessness and obsession with the figure of Cordelia from her past.Dec 10,  · Mirrored by this structure, Cat’s Eye charts Elaine’s movements in the present as she prepares for a retrospective show. Herself the daughter of a Canadian forest entomologist, Atwood writes in an autobiographical vein about Elaine Risley, a middle-aged Canadian painter (and daughter of a forest entomologist) who is thrust into an extended reconsideration of her past while attending a retrospective show of her work in Toronto, a city she had fled years earlier.

Cat's Eye is a novel by Canadian writer Margaret Atwood about controversial painter Elaine Risley, who vividly reflects on her childhood and teenage years. Her strongest memories are of Cordelia, who was the leader of a trio of girls who were both very cruel and very kind to her in ways that tint Elaine's perceptions of relationships and her Author: Margaret Atwood.

Atwood’s father, like her heroine’s, was a forest entomologist who spent years traipsing with his wife and children through the backwoods of northern Ontario and Quebec. Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood at - ISBN - ISBN 13 returns to Toronto to find herself overwhelmed by her past.

Memories of childhood - unbearable betrayals and cruelties - surface relentlessly, forcing her to confront the spectre of Cordelia, once her best friend and tormentor, who has haunted her for forty. Cat’s Eye is the deeply disturbing story of a young girl whose life is scarred by the cruel treatment she receives at the hands of her friends.

The novel follows the girl from childhood into.

The cruelties of childhood in cats eye by margaret atwood
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