The origins of occidentalism essay

But it also goes for conservatives, who think that Islamist radicalism, like Communism before, is an attack on "our values," that is, on the "American way of life. To be sure, Jews had sound reasons to The origins of occidentalism essay attracted to such notions as equality before the law, secular politics, and internationalism, whether of a socialist or capitalist stamp.

As one of the participants put it, the struggle was between Japanese blood and Western intellect. It is also true that U. War was needed for regeneration, or so the German nationalists thought. But Zionism came from the West. This idea has historical roots that long precede any form of "U.

And the poetic romanticism of 19th-century German idealists was often a welcome antidote to the dogmatic rationalism that came with the Enlightenment. Second, it refers to a way of dominance of the powerful West over the weak East and its oppression of the latter.

Even in Japan, where Jews play no part in national life, one of the participants at the Kyoto conference suggested that the war against the West was a war against the "poisonous materialist civilization" built on Jewish financial capitalist power. Occidentalism was part of the counter-Enlightenment, to be sure, but also of the reaction against industrialization.

Some Marxists have been attracted to it, but so, of course, have their enemies on the far right. It is when purity or authenticity, of faith or race, leads to purges of the supposedly inauthentic, of the allegedly impure, that mass murder begins. The symbolic value of these attacks is at least as important as the damage inflicted.

It is no easy job, however, to refute these ideas.

Questioning Said’s “Orientalism”

The authors identify several strands of Occidentalism that can be found wherever the phenomenon has occurred: But their rights as Europeans or Americans must be respected.

Hostility to the sinful city, given to pleasure and commerce rather than to the worship of God, was dramatically revealed on September 11,when Islamic terrorists attacked the Twin Towers in New York, symbol of American power and commerce.

Instead, they examine extreme anti-Western views, which they call Occidentalism, that have emerged from within the West itself, from where such ideas have spread to the Islamic world. You are not currently authenticated. The Orient and Occident are in separate hemispheres on earth, opposing each The origins of occidentalism essay in many respects due to their striking differences, politically, economically, and even linguistically.

The worldwide reach of Wall Street, Hollywood, and the U. The current jihadis see the West as something less than human, to be destroyed, as though it were a cancer. The idea, however, that Jews are a people without a soul, mimics with no creative powers, is much older than the founding of the State of Israel.

And to the extent that those institutions represent the American way of life, they are indeed targets of the Islamist jihad. The Occidentalists, however, saw no virtue in this. As a Taliban fighter once put it during the war in Afghanistan, the Americans would never win, because they love Pepsi-Cola, whereas the holy warriors love death.

Clearly, the idea of the West as a malign force is not some Eastern or Middle Eastern idea, but has deep roots in European soil. As even President Bush has been at pains to point out, the battle with religious terrorism is not a war against Islam, or even religion.

But nothing matches the sense of failure and humiliation that afflicts the Arab world, a once glorious civilization left behind in every respect by the post-Enlightenment West.

Finally, the United States, as the only Western superpower, has indeed come to stand for the West as a whole. And countries, such as Israel, that are looked upon as U.

Since the target of the holy warriors is so large, figuring out how to defend it is not easy. Because commercialism needed security and peace in order to flourish—war was bad for business—nations dominated by commercialism adopted liberal democracy because it was the political system that suited them best.

They are the savage stains that have to be cleansed with blood. Applied to the pre-Islamic Arabs, it means ignorance:Review Essays; Search Foreign Affairs {{}} Occidentalism: The West in the Eyes of Its Enemies. By Ian Buruma and Avishai Margalit They call the cluster of prejudices and unflattering images of the West conjured by its enemies "Occidentalism," a phenomenon that originated within the West itself in the late eighteenth.

Occidentalism is the perception of Western culture and ideals as seen through the eyes and biases of other cultures; this perception is often negative, or at least critical.

In Occidentalism: the. Occidentalism Essay  A brief summary of “ Occidentalism: A Short History of Anti-Westernism” by Ian Buruma and Avishai Margalit A brief summary of “ Occidentalism: A Short History of Anti-Westernism” by Ian Buruma and Avishai Margalit The authors, through their book: “ Occidentalism: A history of Anti-Westernism” tried to give.

Wherever it occurs, Occidentalism is fed by a sense of humiliation, of defeat.

The Origins Of Occidentalism

It is a war against a particular idea of the West - a bourgeois society addicted to money, creature comforts, sex. Free Essays; Occidentalism: The West in the eyes of the East Essays; The Origins of Occidentalism Words | 10 Pages.

To answer the question posed it necessary to first consider the development of, and what constitutes the West. Once this is achieved, we are than able to discuss occidentalism. However, the concept of orientalism, and. Nov 19,  · Essay on What is Orientalism?

The meaning of Orientalism is based on the above mentioned Said’s claim because it reflects the idea of supremacy of the West and its influence on the East. Said writes, Orientalism refers to several overlapping domains: first, the changing historical and cultural relationship between Europe and Asia, a /5(3).

The origins of occidentalism essay
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