The weather systems

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Our single polarization solution is the WRX and is an affordable solution for basic applications. Almost all familiar weather phenomena occur in the troposphere the lower part of the atmosphere.

Weather Systems

The antenna and feed were also specifically designed for dual polarization to provide better data quality using a beam width of less than 10 and a The weather systems measuring 4.

On local scales, temperature differences can occur because different surfaces such as oceans, forests, ice sheets, or man-made objects have differing physical characteristics such as reflectivityroughness, or moisture content.


The Cassini—Huygens mission to Titan discovered clouds formed from methane or ethane which deposit rain composed of liquid methane and other organic compounds. With the better propagation characteristics, the C-Band radar allows a greater range than the X-Band radar.

The atmosphere is a chaotic system. The movement of mass ejected from the Sun is known as the solar wind. The s saw the worst famine in France since the Middle Ages. These include small and generally fleeting cloud "puffs" and other small cloud features.

Alden Weather Systems Division of Morcom

In other words, the farther from the tropics one lies, the lower the sun angle is, which causes those locations to be cooler due the spread of the sunlight over a greater surface. Cumulus mediocris cloud surrounded by stratocumulus On Earththe common weather phenomena include wind, cloudrain, snow, fog and dust storms.

The belt drive mechanisms in the pedestal for azimuth and elevation movements are controlled by smart software to provide quick acceleration and deceleration to pinpoint the antenna. X-Band Radars X-Band radars can be used advantageously in both urban and regional scales, or as a gap filler in an existing network.

The highest recorded average annual temperature was Katrina was a Category 3 hurricane when it struck although it had been a category 5 hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico.

Finland suffered a severe famine in —, during which about one-third of the Finnish population died. Inversions can lead to the formation of fog and often act as a cap that suppresses thunderstorm development. This phenomenon is known as an inversion and can cause mountaintops to be warmer than the valleys below.

Professional weather stations for every environment.

Morcom offers X-Band and C-Band Radars, we also provide complete siting, design, installation and commissioning services.Manufacturers satellite phone systems, computer-based weather-information receiving stations, marine electronics.

The major weather systems affecting Singapore that can lead to heavy rainfall are: Localised thunderstorms/showers caused by strong daytime heating of the earth’s surface.

Weather Information Systems is a worldwide dealer of high quality, professional weather sensors, systems and portable weather stations for environmental, emergency response, military, aviation, and research meteorology. Drag Race Reaction Time Practice Trees for Racers and Professional Track Systems for Asphalt, Sand, Snowmobile, RC Car, Mud all offered by Portatree Timing Systems.

Find all the weather maps, satellite and radar maps, weather conditions and explanations you're looking for. Professional weather stations for every environment. Coastal specializes in durable, high-perfomance weather stations for the aviation, military, emergency management, marine, and industrial sectors.

The weather systems
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